A glimpse at Ashley Harry Haine’s meticulously structed drawings suggest the work of a trained architect or draughtsman. On the contrary, Ashley is a self-taught artist. His work has been exhibited throughout Australia, as well as London and Tokyo, and his artwork has found homes in England, France and America.
Ashley creates intricate and detailed art pieces, featuring rococo, renaissance, classical, baroque and gothic architecture. Each piece is drawn freehand, without the use of a ruler.
Limited edition prints are available to purchase online. They are produced by scanning the original hand drawn artwork. Produced on 160gsm white paper, the print is rolled and shipped in a postage tube. The print is signed and titled by the artist himself.


Starting with a 2H pencil, Ashely sketches his idea with detail. He measures the drawing on the page by sight, centering the piece on the page, ensuring a comfortable fit both practically and aesthetically. 
Once the drawing has been sketched onto the paper, the next step is to take a 1. fine line waterproof pen and go over the drafted pencil lines. The image starts to come to life, and working with a 4. or 5. fine line pen, Ashely adds in light and shadow. Shading is done with at 6B pencil, and the final step is using a white pencil to enhance the light.



Ashley creates unique pieces for commercial public spaces, boardrooms and private residences, starting from $800. To learn more, please contact Ashley.